3… 2… 1… Relaunch!

Rocket launching

We’re starting a new chapter here at Everest. You may have noticed our look has been evolving. That’s because we’re turning up the wick here at the Everest Journal. You’ll see a lot more posts here in the future – five to ten each week. And we’ve got a new address – journal.everestbands.com.

Rolex will always be our focus of course. After all, Everest Bands brand watch straps are exclusively made especially for Rolex watches. But we know you’re interested in more than just Rolex, so we’ll work to cover all the interesting horological bases for you with our unique perspective and style.

My name’s Ed Estlow. You may have seen my previous posts here at Everest, and also in the past at GearPatrol.com and WornandWound.com. You tell me, but I think my Everest Journal co-writers and I have a little different perspective than your typical watch bloggers. They’re all great, and we read ‘em too. But we’re more opinion and commentary, not so much straight news.

And if we don’t like something? Well, we probably just won’t say anything. We’re watch fans after all – geeks and nerds – and we’re not here to burn anybody. Instead, we’ll mostly talk about the cool stuff we see out there in the world of watches.

We hope you’ll tune in each day and see what we’re up to.

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