The Rolex Service Pouch


Ah, the Rolex service pouch. That beautiful little construct of green leather – possibly pebble grained (pigskin?), more likely suede – perfectly sized to protect your Rollie from the bumps and bruises of travel to and from the service center. Or more likely, as a protective cover when it is handed back to you at your authorized dealer.


As such, the little green pouch is a prized possession for those intending to travel with a couple of watches (and thus, will not be wearing them all on the wrist for the flight). I’m thinking the ADs get requests for these all the time from travelers wanting to protect their timepieces.


And it’s interesting to note the differences in containers used to ship Rolex watches two & from service centers. Search eBay on the term ‘Rolex service pouch’ and you’ll see a number of different pouches, in slightly different shades of green, and the occasional red as well.


(Image credit – Rolex Forums member Chris B)

But you’ll also see styrene and Styrofoam boxes, usually accompanied by cardboard shelf cartons. We suspect these aren’t as much in demand by globetrotting Rolex wearers, but we didn’t check.

(Image credit - Rolex Forum member Saxon007)

(Image credit – Rolex Forum member Saxon007)

And with the variety – and the… ahem… industrious nature of counterfeiters – we’re not entirely sure what’s real and what’s fake when it comes to finding these things online.

But find them you can! If you’ve no qualms about spending a bit of Cash American, you too can have one of those little green pouches. Aftermarket prices we saw ranges from around $20 on up well into three digits.

Caveat emptor…

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