Sunday Morning Basel Buzz

Tudor Black Bay Bronze!?

This just in! Social media is buzzing with this leaked photo. Is THIS what Tudor is about to announce at Baselworld?

They’re calling it the Black Bay Bronze, and it’s got a definite boutique watch, vintage style vibe.

The guys on Rolex Forums are raving and panting and yelling, “Take my money!” Reddit is buzzing too.

What do you think? I’m thinking it’s an insane departure for Tudor, even if they are the wild little brother I wrote about a few days ago. Bronze, with the notable exception of Panerai, has been the territory of boutique brands like Ancon, Benarus, Helson, Archemide, and Halios. It’s definitely NOT typical of a major Swiss brand.

Plus, it seemed like bronze’s fifteen minutes of fame as a watch metal were about up.


Is it getting harder to wait for Baselworld 2016 press day? Hang in there, Cowboy. Just three more days.

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