Monta OceanKing – Additional Information

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By now you know that we here at Everest put out a really exciting announcement last evening – our very own Swiss Chronometer dive watch, the Monta OceanKing!

And just to whet your appetite a little more, here are some more renderings. These are the final renderings of the design. They’re ready to go to our case maker who’s getting ready to cut steel!

The Monta OceanKing Case

The Monta OceanKing Case

The three-quarter view of the case gives you a good idea of the look of the watch itself.

Monta Ocean King Crown Side

Monta Ocean King Crown Side

The side view highlights the bezel serrations and the domed crystal.

Between the lugs of the OceanKing

The lug view of the OceanKing

In this view up through the lugs, you get a good idea of the beveled edges of the lugs. You also see the crown shape in detail. We’ve designed it this way for ease of gripping in less than ideal conditions.

The Ocean King from above.

The Case Back of the Ocean King

And finally, the view from above. Here, you get a real idea of what the OceanKing will look like on your wrist.

Stay tuned to Everest Journal or follow us on Instagram @everestbands and @montawatch for more details over the next ten days!

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