Red Bar Vegas – Who Knew?

Do you know this man?

So I’m wandering around the JCK trade show (Jewelers Circular Keystone – no, don’t ask where the name came from) in the Mandalay Bay convention center at the south end of the Vegas strip. The place is huge – H-U-U-U-G-E – and I’m basically lost.

And I come on this sign.


Well, THAT’s different! Now, I know Adam Craniotes electronically. We wrote together for Gear Patrol a few years ago – taking turns stealing assignments from each other. Watch geek / IWC fan boy aside, the guy’s a helluva writer. But I’d never met him in person. Never even talked on the phone.

But here was a chance to meet him and likely a bunch of other Red Bar types.

There was Kevin Mantell and his henchman, Paul Erhardt, of DKSH.

And I inadvertently outed LivingTheAnchorLife of RedBar-Atlanta on social media (I forget his name – honest).


Barbara Palumbo of fame stopped by. (Read her stuff. I’m not asking you. I’m telling you. Read her stuff.)

Barbara Palumbo. What's on HER wrist? I forgot to look.

Barbara Palumbo. What’s on HER wrist? I forgot to look.

And of course, The Man himself.


By now you probably know of the Red Bar phenomenon. It’s all over the place. Most major cities in the US have a “chapter” (term used loosely), and it’s spreading to Europe too. We’ve talked about it before on Everest Journal / Bezel & Barrel. And it’s grown a bunch since that post a year ago.

Even to the point of a guy getting lost at a jewelry trade show in Vegas and bumping into a group of friendly watch nerds.

(Please excuse the dicey image quality from my iPhone.)


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