Michael thought up Everest in quite a unique time in his life, just after his first son was born. That same night, Michael decided to change his life and his family’s lives. Michael had always loved watches in general, but has always had a special spot in heart for Rolex. With all of the custom options on the market for other watches, such as Panerai, IWC, ETC., no one was making custom strap solutions for Rolex watch owners. The idea was born that same night and the rest has been hard work and focus on creating perfection.

Favorite Rolex – Submariner 16610 M-Series



When it comes to stargazers, David is your guy. His vision for moving forward and innovation comes from years of being in the Jet industry. He has always been a visionary and a watch lover, and has owned countless watches including Rolex, Omega and Breitling. When it came to creating a unique set of high tolerance watch straps for Rolex owners, his passion grew with every passing moment. Since the beginning, David has been the cornerstone of business development and customer satisfaction here at Everest Horology Products and continues to be a motivational force of inspiration.

Favorite Rolex – Daytona 116520 Z-Series (White Dial)