2018 Baselworld dreams and predictions

With just a few weeks until the Monta and Everest crew descends upon Baselworld we wanted to share our hopes for official releases from our favorite brands. Of course, Monta Watches will have its own share of news to report, but we’ll leave it in the can until the show starts. Here are our Baselworld 2018 predictions and dreams.

Steel is real

A classic steel Rolex GMT, photo: Oakleigh Luxury Watches

As Rolex enthusiasts, like may others who love the Crown, we’d love to see a Pepsi (red and blue) bezeled GMT Master II in steel. Ceramic bezels have been this era’s upgrade on classics, and the beloved Pepsi GMT should come in a choice besides white gold. Of course, we’d also like to see a blue Submariner that isn’t white gold, but we’ll be very happy if one of these wishes comes true.

But more Everose is welcome

The pink gold colored Daytona is simply incredible. If you’re going for a precious metal, Everose just has that special look that screams low-key Baller. The Everose Daytonas and Yacht Masters are great examples of why this look should be applied to more models.

What we also like to see if Tudor do fewer new takes on the Black Bay. We realize it’s a top seller, but it would be nice to see the evolving brand turn its design skills to new models. We love our Black Bays, but at this point, the variation on the same theme is being stretched a bit thin.

Value Propositions

Photo credit: Monochrome Watches

We’d love to see more accessible price points from Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega and Breitling. A Patek sport watch under $10,000 would be a dream. Because these manufacturers are able to generate a fair amount of sales without lowering prices, we are doubtful this will happen. That said, the fact that you can get an Oyster Perpetual 39 for under $6,000 from an authorized dealer there are still great deals in this range.

Sportier Frederique?

Photo: manufacturer website

Flying somewhat under the radar has been Frederique Constant. Their Slimline Moonphase Manufacture (with in-house movement) at under $3,000 is one example of an incredible value. Most of their line is on the dressier side, and we happen to wear and love sport watches more often, so we’d like to see the brand branch out into something that fits better with our mostly casual wardrobes. Most American offices are more casual these days, so it’s a fitting shift in our eyes.




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