Citizen Eco-Drive One in Super Titanium: A Super Thin, Super Light Wonder

Japanese watch giant Citizen not only had one of the most glorious booths at Baselworld 2018, it’s new super thin cased Eco-Drive One in Super Titanium was one of the most interesting looking watches at the show. We had a chance to meet with brand ambassadors who explained that this year Citizen wanted up the ante by creating a watch that would be the highest standard in the super thin watch category.

In 2016, Citizen unveiled its  Eco-Drive One,  stated to be the thinnest light-powered watch, in celebration of the company’s 4oth anniversary of the proprietary Eco-Drive technology. The latest version of the Eco-Drive movement is only 1mm thick and the addition of Super Titanium makes the watches not only thin and light, but also a very hard case material that is hypo-allergenic and resistant to scratching, according the company representatives. In other words, it’s the watch for some who wants their wrist wear to disappear on the wrist and not require much maintenance at all.


Photo by Dante Barger for Bezel&Barrel

Eco-Drive watches are powered by both artificial and natural light and utilize a titanium lithium ion batter charged by a photocell located behind the dial. Typically a full-charge will keep the watch running for about six months. So if you don’t keep it tucked away in drawer, you should be have a fully charged and accurate watch ready to go.

While everyone on our team is enamored with the romance of automatic watches, we still couldn’t help but marvel at Citizen’s latest accomplishment. It’s the ultimate no-fuss comfort watch and its sleek look made the prospect of having one in the collection very tempting. The 36mm case at 3.35mm thick (that’s crazy!) coupled with sleek case lines make the entire package very attractive. The new watches will be available in fall of 2018 and will retail for $4,500.

photo courtesy of Citizen

Photo by Dante Barger for Bezel&Barrel

Photo by Dante Barger for Bezel&Barrel


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