Everest Bands’ Creator Talks Kickstarter Effort and 3D Printing Innovation – SlashGear

The Everest Band 3d prototype kickstarter

The great guys at slashgear.com, Vincent and Chris, wanted to sit down and talk about how we came up with this incredible idea. They had no idea that we were using the latest in technology to develope this modern Rolex modification. Additionally, they liked the idea of how we are funding the last bit of our project with Kickstarter. When this article went into cyberspace, we had just crossed the 1/3 mark of our goal. Thank you to the Everest Men at the Tech Blog of the year – slashgear.com

Here is the link: http://www.slashgear.com/everest-bands-creator-talks-kickstarter-effort-and-3d-printing-innovation-07246536/

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