Rolex Replacement Alligator Leather Watch Straps


Alligator leather straps are one of the most popular and unique looks for Rolex wearer’s today. When Everest set out to create a leather strap line, we knew we had to have an Alligator strap that would impress even the most discerning watch enthusiasts. Everest’s leather straps are simply made by the best artisans of leather straps in the world. The material choices and artisan construction of our alligator straps is truly second to none.


When looking for a high end alligator leather strap, the original leather hide material can vary quite a bit in quality. At Everest we have discovered that alligator hides from tanneries in Louisiana, USA are the best. Since there are so many different locations that alligators are raised for their skins in the world, knowing the source of the material can be almost impossible for the retail customer. As important as the hide of the material is, the location of where it came from on the alligator is just as important. We have found the best looking scales for watch straps to be towards the “horn back” or center back of the alligator. Everest has chosen the smooth large scale section of the alligator hide instead of the small scale which is a lower quality section of the alligator. Obviously there is only a very small section of the alligator that has these larger scales that are smooth, and in turn the cost of the leather material reflects in the price of the strap itself. When it comes to quality, be it with either our rubber or leather straps it is always our first priority.

Alligator Rolex Aftermarket watch band

Now that we have simply the best leather alligator hides and the best sections of those hides, it is important to focus on the construction of the strap itself. Some aspects of our designs are much harder to be made than others. Our straps are all cut by hand and stitched by hand. One aspect that is done to all of our straps is a finished edge. This edge finishing is not common due to it being incredibly labor intensive, timely and costly. Since this strap will be with you for a very long time this process will extend the life of the strap and extends the beauty of it also. Fine leather manufacture’s such as Gucci, Hermes, and the like also exclusively use this technique to finish all of their leather goods. The process starts with the edge of the leather being precisely cut smooth to result in a perfect flat edge. Then the straps’ layers are glues including the padding and lining. Now the strap is reviewed and any excess material such as glue is removed and the strap is cleaned once before the unique leather painting process begins. Alligator straps require multiple layers of the edge finishing paint. Between each layer a hot edge is applied to the dye to clean it and seal it to the leather. To seal the strap fully and protect it from the elements, a layer of wax is applied and then also heated using a very hot edge to ensure that material is adhered to the strap perfectly. Finally, any stitching or unique elements to the strap are finalized. All in all, this process must all be done by hand by our artisan manufactures. We are one of the last leather goods makers in the world to use such extreme techniques to produce our alligator and calf leather straps.

Rolex Leather Watch Strap

As you can see quality is the main cornerstone of any alligator leather strap from Everest. We find that the unique sections of the alligator we use to be incredible looking and the painstaking process of construction to produce the best alligator leather straps in the world. We are excited to launch these gorgeous leather straps with our new line of other leather straps. We look forward to the excellent reviews and excitement for what is to come! To learn more about our Everest End Link Leather Strap System >> CLICK HERE.

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