The ceramic Submariner 114060 vs. 14060

I had the pinnacle of the modern sport Rolex, a ceramic bezel no-date Submariner 114060. I eventually sold it for its aluminum bezel predecessor, the 14060m. Same movement, much different case, bezel insert and bracelet. Let’s take a look at the Submariner 114060 vs. 14060.

Photo credit: Apia Creations

For me, the older version’s case is more streamlined, with thinner lugs and a bezel insert that’s easily replaceable if damaged. The old rattly bracelet feels a lot cheaper, but it wears very comfortably. Of course modern sport Rolex bracelets are amazing feats of engineering and design. The Glidelock clasp works well for on-the-fly micro adjustments, but fortunately for me, my wrist doesn’t swell up that much in the heat, so minute changes in bracelet size aren’t as meaningful to me.

Gridlock allows for tool-free micro adjustments.

The old style micro adjustment requires a toothpick to make adjustments.

The dial of the 114060 uses blue Chromalite lume, which emits a blue glow, whereas the older 14060 uses a green lume. The new blue lume looks amazing and wins out here. While there’s  nothing wrong functionally with the green, the blue appears very clean and matches the overall luxury feel of the modern sport Rolex.

The 14060 has a smaller dial markers that the ceramic version.

The ceramic bezel version features larger dial markers and looks great on an Everest Band, we must say.

The cerachrom ceramic bezel on the 114060 won’t fade or scratch. The traditional aluminum bezel may scratch or fade, but is less-expensive to replace. Both look very sharp, as Submariners can be identified by the crisp bezel insert from a distance.

The 14060m version also features the same movement as the 114060, the 3130, which features a Parachrom hairspring, which Rolex says makes the movement more resistant to magnetism and shock. The 14060 sans “m” designation does not offer this feature, but many owners of the older movement report no issues in timekeeping and basic durability.

The bottom line

I chose to keep the older 14060m because of the case shape. It has thinner lugs and looks leaner, less boxy. This look suits my lifestyle as I transition between wearing a sport coat and dress shirt to T-shirt and chinos quite often. The more subdued look of the aluminum bezel Submariner works better for me.

That said if you favor a more flashy Sub with an bracelet that feels extremely solid, the 114060 is a no-brainer. Its case shape is sportier and more casual, which may also work well for you if you have a dressier watch to wear with dressier clothes.



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