2019 watch resolutions

It’s already January 7 and honestly it’s been a whirlwind of a break for us over at Everest and Monta. It’s given us time to reflect on how far we’ve come and where we want to go. One thing that continues to be a hallmark of the brands is attention to fit and finish. It’s a relatively loose term used in the watch community, but it translates to how a watch or watch component is completed, how it sits and interacts with other parts and literally how the finish looks.

We put a lot of thought into Monta watches, of course, but people who see our watches most often remark about the combination of brushed and polished surfaces on our watches. Which leads us to 2019 Watch Resolution no. 1:

  1. Accept only the best fit and finish on your watches and watch accessories: Cost per wear is a term that rationalizes paying more upfront but getting more out a product out of lifetime. So when people pay more for, say, a pair of jeans in the beginning the hope is that buyer gets a pair of jeans that not only last longer, but are better made and more comfortable, look better and return more to the ownership experience on a day-to-day basis. That’s what we want in our watches too. Does the bracelet snap reassuring into lockdown mode? Does the bezel turn with a firm yet smooth feel? Are the surfaces of the hands beautifully executed? Does the band or bracelet fit against the case nicely? Everyone will have their own set of criteria, but we urge you to prioritize yours and make your 2019 watch purchases accordingly.
  2. But what you love, not what you like: At the end of the day, watches for collectors aren’t about practicality. It’s about a feeling and more of an emotional connection to an object. When you look at or try on a watch you are considering for your next purchase, make sure the sum of its parts speaks to you. If you are choosing between two models use your gut to make the decision. Which one are you naturally drawn to without thinking about it too much? Don’t just but a dress watch or chronograph because you think you need one to complete your collection. That said, do buy into a category if you can’t stop thinking about a certain model. Buy the watches you love and enjoy wearing, even it that means three black dial dive watches if you happen to love that style. We can’t tell you what that means for you as a individual collector, but the point is be real with yourself and don’t fall into a trap of acquiring a watch that ends up sitting in your drawer for most of its life.
  3. Don’t be so precious about material objects: One you let go of the idea of keeping up the condition of your watches, you will enjoy them more. It’s just a watch at the end of the day and any scratches or dings really do add character and make that particular watch yours. Don’t be abusive and take care of your things, but don’t overthink it. One simple way to protect your watches without obsessing over it is to simple take off your watch when you get home. Get an Everest watch roll to store them of course, but many “accidents” happen at home such as when you reach into the sink so by simple taking off your watch once you come home goes a long way. If you always have to wear a watch, get an inexpensive at-home beater watch. Quartz would make sense here as you don’t have to worry about maintaining its charge. Or just wear your watches all the time!

The point of our three resolutions is to pledge to enjoy watches more this year. Don’t overthink watch collecting. Wear them. Wear good watches that feel good on the wrist. Take your watches on journeys. Make memories with them!

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