3 Essentials for August

To thrive in August means staying cool literally and figuratively. We love reaching for our rubber and cloth straps for summer. It’s definitely the most appropriate time for sandals, slides and tank tops. We even think we it’s more than OK to drink some “lighter” beverages to fully enjoy this time of year. Spend time refocusing on priorities and recharge for the fall.

We love adding colors with our watches and we immediate swap out our Rolex sport watches with Everest rubber straps to give not only the best option for water play, but also the best look. Rubber is amazingly comfortable when the temperature is in the 90s.

Our favorite shoe is the tried-and-true Vans slip-on. It’s still around $40-50 and can obtained in the mall as easily as through Zappos or Amazon. Wear the heck out of these. Buy multiple pairs and spare people in the office from seeing your feet.

And don’t be afraid to swap out heavy drinks for something lighter. Those guys making fun of you for drinking something more akin to a wine spritzer will see the light of keeping it smoother and lighter as it gets hot. White Claw Hard Seltzer is just 100 calories per can, so drink up.

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