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A Women’s Perspective on Watches

rolex women tennisA Woman’s Step into the Watch World…

So, a little backstory…I started working for Everest a couple months ago. Before that, I had never stepped foot into the watch world; I didn’t even know what “horology” meant actually (even as an English major). I wore a digital Vivofit by Garmin – gasp! Although, I have nothing against digital sport watches because I love them, but I am beginning to understand the enthusiasm for wound watches. While I have always loved wearing a watch (feeling naked without one), I’m beginning to understand a watch is more than a timepiece.

While wristwatches were originally worn by women and men carried their pocket watches everywhere, it seems most watches are designed with men in mind unless you add diamonds and bright colors – oh, and make it smaller, daintier. But, what women now want is larger watch cases with great movements. This new era has brought the bold designs to make a statement and the respect for luxurious quality.

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A statement piece, a dream, an expression…A ladies watch needs to be such a beautiful, timeless beauty, an extension of the woman herself. What we wear on our wrists describe our personality: sporty, feminine, classic, bold. A watch strengthens and accents a woman’s desired look, but it also needs to be adaptable depending on what we wear day to day, especially with festivities around the corner. Whether we’re business women running from meeting to meeting, or a mom shopping for groceries, we need a watch that can dress up a little black dress or wear running around the stores. We want the freedom to be anything and everything. But most importantly, we need to LOVE our watches, and we do love what flourishes our spirit!

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Women who love their watches: Ana Maria Pimentel, accessories director at Neiman Marcus  chose a 1954 Rolex Oyster over an engagement ring. Jennifer Aniston can be seen sporting her Rolex Gold President everywhere. Victoria Beckham has sported the Yachtmaster and the Daytona Cosmograph, and Jennifer Garner strolls around with her Lady Datejust. Reese Witherspoon wears a day-date president watch. Ellen’s got her Daytona. But my favorite famous woman in relation to Rolex, Mercedes Gleitze (as I’m a little bit of a history admirer). In 1927, she was the third woman to successfully swim the English Channel in fifteen hours and fifteen minutes, but with each stroke, she sported a Rolex Oyster watch. She called it a “reliable and accurate timekeeping companion even though it was subjected to complete immersion for hours in sea water at a temp of not more than 58 and often as low as 51.” Such a watch speaks for itself.

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I’ve been able to try on multiple Rolexes here at Everest with the Oyster bracelets and while the bracelets are fabulous, they can be a little heavy. Though I haven’t picked my favorite watch yet (there is so much to consider), I am definitely setting aside the funds to find that perfect match.

Whether you’re a woman trying to step foot into a man’s watch world, or a man trying to introduce your woman to the watch world, Christmas is around the corner! And, what better way to treat yourself or your loved one than purchasing that new watch and new Everest watch strap to go with it (I bet Gleitze would have appreciated the rubber straps).


Rolex Submariner 116619 – Timeless Classic in Blue and White Gold

One of Everest’s favorite watches of all time is the Rolex Submariner 116619LB. In fact some would call it the holy grail watch. With a price tag around $35,000 at a Rolex Authorized Dealer, it is one of the more expensive watches from Rolex.  In 2008, Rolex release the 116619 at Baselworld. The beautiful blue ceramic bezel and blue dial set this watch off from the others in the Rolex lineup. If you have ever seen a Rolex 116619 in person, you know that the white gold on the blue stands out in the crowd. In addition, the polished solid center links and the beautifully made clasp also help this timepiece be distinguished in the wild.



The watch is also heavier than its stainless steel brothers in the Rolex Submariner class. While this watch is smaller than the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller, we would tend to guess it is comparable in its weight due to the white gold. Yet, the wear ability of the watch is not compromised. The case uses the classic Rolex triple waterproof crow system exactly like the other Rolex Subariners. Rolex also added the maxi dial markers to the 116619LB as it did with the release of the Rolex Submariner Ceramic stainless steel version as well (Ref. 116610).  With previous Rolex Submariners the SuperLuminova showed green. Now with the Rolex Submariner Ceramic, the SuperLuminova gives off a bright blue as on the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller and the new Rolex Explorer 42mm. The bright blue shows perfectly at night and in dark areas. The watch uses the Glidelock Clasp system from Rolex, which allows for easy adjustment without the use of any tools. This glidelock also takes the place of the diver’s extension that was on previous Rolex models. This watch is crafted in the Rolex factory right next to the others and with its 18k white gold. It is even more refined and a little dressier than its brothers and sisters. Just know that if you want to wear you this timepiece down to a 1000ft, you will still look like great like a million bucks.


Rolex Oyster Case: The History of Hans Wilsdorf’s Foresight into the Water Tight Case

The Original Rolex Oyster Case Design[/caption] Here at Everest Horology we love Rolex watches and their creative Rolex design features. One particular unique design feature is more than 90 years old, know as the Rolex Oyster case. This still is an innovative design which Rolex created to ensure a water-tight and dust proof watch. This type of technology and engineering was incredible for the time. Even today, the Oyster Perpetual case design is being refined to allow for Rolex watches to go to farther depths without damage to the movement or other workings of the Rolex watch. What is surprising is that the design is only being modified minorly to advance the Rolex Oyster case to deeper depths.

Historically, it could easily be debated that without the Oyster Rolex case design, Rolex would not have been nearly as successful. The history is quite intriguing about the Oyster case and the other design elements that have been named “Oyster” by Rolex. In 1926, Rolex patented the Oyster case design, which still has only experienced minor changes. It started with the brilliant and amazing foresight of Hans Wilsdorf, one of the original owners of Rolex.



Wilsdorf knew that if he could create a water-tight watch case, he would successfully conquer the watch world.  In 1925, two Swiss watchmakers named Paul Perregaux and Georges Peret applied for a Swiss patent for a screwed stem watertight system. Wilsdorf studied their designs and along with a screw down caseback that was sealed with a rubber gasket, he created a simple but perfect water-tight case. He purchased the patent to the screw down crown system from Perregaux and Peret. Wilsdorf named it simply the Rolex Oyster Case. This design has been the cornerstone of Rolex’s success over the last ninety years and has become an icon of style and sophistication.

Additionally, the Oyster namesake has been applied to other Rolex designs. The clean, simple Rolex steel strap, known as the Oyster bracelet, also carries the Oyster name. The Oyster clasp that attaches the two sets of Oyster bracelet links and Oyster bezel also have been graced with the Oyster name sake. The Rolex Oyster has stood the test of time, and Hans Wilsdorf’s vision is still alive many years after his passing.


Everest Rubber Strap On a Rolex GMT

We thought we had to show such an iconic watch as the GMT with what could become standard issue for any new Rolex adventrurer. This gorgeous watch is only made better by the modification that makes it even more resistant to the elements and rough use. Soon you will also be able to enjoy this great addition!



The Cerachrom Insert – The Rolex Ceramic Bezel for Submariner, Deepsea, and GMT

So much of our time at Everest is spent focusing on the unique and timeless design of Rolex and its many sports models, but we felt it interesting to look at the amazing Cerachrom Insert in this article. The unique ceramic bezel insert was first seen on the Rolex GMT II (Ref: 116710) at the Basel World trade show in April of 2007. It became an instant hit due to the scratch resistant surface and perfect shine. The technology of the ceramic insert on the GMT II, is entirely unique to Rolex.

Rolex introduced the Cerachrom inserts as now standard also on the Submariner (Ref: 116610) and the Deepsea (Ref 116600). One of the benefits of the Cerachrom bezel is that it is completely UV resistant, allowing for it to never loose its deep color. No matter how harsh the ultraviolet rays may get, the color will never diminish.

Additionally, the strength and scratch resistance of the insert is remarkable due to the temperatures applied to the ceramic bezel itself. The ceramic material reaches 1500 degrees to remove any impurities and to increase its strength. Additionally, gold or platinum is used to color the numbers on the bezel, giving it a unique Rolex touch of excellence.

When it comes to creating a perfect ceramic bezel, Rolex took their time to make what some could say rivals any design out on the watch market. For countless years, Rolex produced its sports’ collection with an aluminum insert that had a luminescent pearl. The technology for the bezel, was usually introduced with redesigns of the luminescent pearl, using a sapphire lens that compressed the glowing lume material. The Rolex Submariner and Sea-Dweller, were both know for these unique bezel inserts with luminescent pearls, but were never very scratch resistant until the advent of Ceramic bezel technology. This triumph of engineering and manufacturing makes the Rolex GMT, Submariner, and GMT a timeless design that will last for generations.