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Vintage Rolex Sports Lines – Submariner & GMT

Rolex has a long established history of creating a timepiece that lasts. By the 1950s, Rolex had begun to establish a reputation of developing tool watches to function beyond time telling. Intended to conquer the lowest of depths in exploration and highest of heights, the timepieces had to contain groundbreaking inventions to aid explorers in breaking new ground. Two timepieces in particular were released between the 1950s and 1980s that are still revered and  highly sought after by the vintage watch collector community today.

Vintage Submariner 5512/5513/1680 & Tudor Submariner ref. 7928

As diving equipment technology progressed and became more affordable, diving as an activity was taken up by more and more individuals. Rolex answered the need for a reliable, waterproof dive watch with the Submariner. The rotating bezel offered divers the ability to read immersion time. The Submariner 5512 was in production from 1959 to 1978. The biggest change to this Submariner versus the previous models: 5510 & 6538 was the inclusion of crown guards.

Images by @rolexdiver

The square crown guards made it exceptionally difficult to use the crown with diving gloves on, so they were redesigned and replaced with pointed crown guards. The remaining 5512 cases were sent to Tudor to become the Tudor Submariner ref. 7928. The early 5512 models were not chronometer certified. But, newer versions were released with a chronometer certified caliber 1560. The ref. 5513 was also not chronometer certified and favored by the general public because it was a less expensive option than its nearly identical predecessor 5512.

The Rolex Red Submariner Ref 1680 was produced beginning in 1969. The nickname stemmed from the red writing “Submariner” on the dial which was later changed to white beginning in 1973. Of course, this has lead to the models with the red writing to be highly sought after by the watch collecting community. Another major difference between the 1680 and its predecessors the 5512 and 5513 is the addition of a date window at the 3 o’clock position with the cyclops lens.

Vintage GMT 1675/16750

As Intercontinental travel developed, pilots began crossing multiple time zones more and more, and the need for a timepiece to tell more than one time at a time arose. The 1675 GMT Master was produced between 1959 and 1980. This was the first watch that was available with both an Oyster and Jubilee bracelet.

Image by @rolexdiver

On many models, the dial markers have since turned a creamy color, and the “Pepsi” bezels have faded over the years, turning the colors to lighter shades of blue and red (almost pink). Interestingly, this makes the models more sought after by vintage watch collectors. The 16750 was released in 1980 with a new movement. The model offers the more modern quickset date function. Only in production until 1988, it is a highly sought after model. The 16750 offers the perfect combination of both modern features but a vintage vibe.

Leather straps are now available for both the Submariner 5512, 5513 and 1680 and the GMT 1675 and 16750. With a curved end, the strap is a custom fit to the case, giving your Rolex even more of a phenomenal look with a beautifully crafted, Swiss-Made watch band.


The New Everest Rubber Deployant for Rolex Buckle


Everest is finally announcing the release of its new line….INTRODUCING: EH7 Rubber Deployant straps for Rolex Deployant Clasps!

The Everest Curved End Leather Deployant straps are incredibly popular, but there has been a high demand from our loyal customers to release one in our awesome, top-quality rubber once again. We have had similar straps to this in the past if any of you remember – our EH1S or EH2. This is the 3rd generation of this group of straps from Everest. But, it’s incredible and totally redesigned for a better, personalized fit to your wrist and your Rolex! It has updated: case connection (super easy to install), overall look and design, angle the strap begins off the watch, finish and of course, and now six sizing options are offered.

Every wrist is not the same size, so the Everest Rubber Deployant strap for Rolex Deployant Clasps come in multiple different sizes. We based the design around the adjustable Rolex bracelet links, making each strap side either 4, 5, or 6 links long. There is a sizing guide when you go to purchase your new strap, so you can easily figure out which is the best fit for you. Any combination of sizes personalize your strap as well as any range of colors: orange, black, or blue.

Speaking of correct fit, let’s take a look at how the strap fits to the case in general…as with all of Everest’s products, this strap has been specifically designed for particular Rolex watches to fit to the specific case. Don’t ever hesitate to ask Everest which product will fit which Rolex watch because it is Everest’s pleasure to help you personalize your Rolex! And, the best part is…you can install the straps yourself. Everest has a very affordable tool kit (another great gift idea for you early Christmas shoppers!) and a clear, demonstration, how-to video, so Rolex owners can become pros at changing their looks for different seasons, different events or activities.

But, let’s look a little closer at the product itself…Everything that leaves Everest is made to the highest quality. The rubber is a “vulcanized rubber” which provides superior resistant to damage and the elements. This long-lasting, resistant strap allows Rolex owners to reach new limits, explore new adventures. Take your Rolex anywhere with the security of your own Rolex Deployment clasp and the durability of the Everest Rubber Deployment strap. The Swiss vulcanized rubber allows for a little give and stretch for the harsh elements as well as athletic activities.

Rolex owners love their deployant clasps – they’re quick to put on, quick to remove and hang onto your Rolex much easier. So – keep your Rolex at its best by keeping it safe on your wrist with Everest’s Rubber Deployant strap holding your Rolex in place.


The Perfect List Of Gifts For Any Watch Guy & Rolex Lover

holiday shopping watch enthusiast

That thrilling yet dreaded time of year is approaching again where finding the best, most meaningful gift is causing you to pull your hair out…if there’s any left…We at Everest want to help reduce the stress and simplify your hunt with a few suggestions of quality products for that individual in your life you’re trying to impress. So here we go, one step at a time…

Everest tools set

Since you’ve found multiple, stylish Everest bands to upgrade your Rolex, every watch owner needs to own their own Everest spring bar tool kit for just $37.50. Impress your friends with our tutorial video and become an expert at fixing or accessorizing your watch. The pristine, easy-to-use tool kit will guarantee that you can try on that new Everest watch band once right after you’ve unwrapped it (we’re all still kids at heart).

Harry's shaving supplies

Gentlemen need to keep their faces clean and sleek as the festivities are never ending. Up-and-coming, shave clubs have grown in popularity in the last few years. Everyone is jumping on the wagon, so we’ve got a suggestion for you: Harry’s Shaving Products! You can find products and shave plans at  At Everest, we are all about quality, and Harry’s shaving products are quality made with quality materials for a quality shave. Now, once you’ve cleaned up for that holiday party, nothing is better than the feeling of clasping that gorgeous Rolex on your wrist.

worn and wound watch rolls

Where do you house your Rolexes while you’re traveling to family and friends during this crazy holiday season? While everyone’s running around frantically, your watch deserves time and care. Worn & Wound watch cases offer the most luxurious bed for your watches to lay in at From 2 to 4 pockets, you can store your straps or tools right next to your watches.

Everest curved end leather watchbands for rolex

Now that you and your Rolexes have arrived safely, what more perfect way to dress up for the season than with Everest’s Curved End Leather Straps? This genuine Italian leather strap is made in a French style technique by our Swiss manufacturer. The top notch quality material for the top notch customer. Your rolex will steal the party with this elegantly crafted strap. One of a kind, this Everest strap has just made its debut.

dunhill hunidor

Now, while everyone is sitting around, enjoying each others’ company and conversation with their beverage of choice, it’s the perfect time to pull out your warm, sweet cigar. Again, we are all traveling during this crazy season, so you need a way to safely transport the essentials. Impress your guests with keeping your quality cigars in quality condition with a Dunhill humidor, art in a box.

These five exquisitely designed accessories are made for the perfect gentleman – or gentlewoman – for the perfect holiday season.


A Gentleman And His Watch. Ladies, What Is Up With Watches?

A gentleman and his Rolex

Okay ladies, so we need to understand men and their relationships to luxury watches. Whether you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift, or you simply want to understand them a bit more based on their pricey timepiece, let’s see if we can figure this out together.

So, these luxury watches are actually quite the fashion. And, not just for men. We’re getting back into the chunky necklaces and large watches being bold statement pieces ourselves. But back to our men and their watches, what says fashion and style more than a beautiful luxury watch on a man’s wrist. Whether we understand the obsession or not, that watch keeps a man respectable, classy. It’s a subtle note that a man appreciates nice things – including yourself.

Man and woman's Rolex

What specific watches men wear can give us a little insight into the men themselves. Whether they are flashy or classic, unique or vintage, watches give you a sense of the individuals wearing them. Think about it, even the colors and styles we chose to wear (and have in our wardrobe) can say something about us. Plus, if a man walks around with an expensive watch, he’s invested a lot into it – meaning, he’s at least good at committing to something.

But, if you’re looking to understand more of the men already in your life, here’s an idea.

A slightly unique and original gift that keeps on giving is a magazine subscription. I had no interest whatsoever in fancy watches before working at Everest (but I did and still do feel naked without any watch to constantly check the time). There were some watch magazines laying around the office that I picked up and flipped through, and low-and-behold, the magazines were captivating and quite interesting. I got insight into the watch world and learned some new facts and information – always an achievement for the day.

iwatch watchtime magazine

Anyways…enough about me, let’s get back to figuring out what to get our men whether it’s a grandpa, father, brother, son, husband, boyfriend, etc. So, these watch magazine subscriptions like iWatch or Watch Time are affordable, and it’s a gift that arrives throughout the year.

These magazines are actually interesting to check out new photos of watch releases or simply news about the watch world. Everybody loves to lay out on the couch and flip through a new magazine that arrives snail mail style. And, I’m pretty sure us ladies may at least flip through the magazine if it’s arriving at our doorstep. Then, you’ll at least start recognizing things about watches while your men rattle on about their love of luxury watches like Rolex, Omega, Panerai, Patek Philippe, etc. We’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season, so this is just another idea.

Think about what a particular watch really says about a man…and keep reading Everest Journal for some more great gift ideas for men coming soon!

rolex jacket cuff links


The Timeless Oyster: The Rolex Datejust

role datejust jubilee

STEP BACK INTO HISTORY: Sometimes, remembering where we came from, where everything started, can help us find deeper appreciation and intimacy for something already in existence…

The Rolex Datejust – an incredibly popular Rolex watch finds its debut back in 1945. Originally, the watch was planned to have been named “Victory” in reference to the Allied victory during WWII. This was then changed to Jubilee as its original name in celebration of Rolex’s 40th anniversary, but since the name never found its way to the dial, Jubilee became the bracelet, and the Datejust found its name.

The Datejust was the first self-winding calendar wrist chronometer, which in the 1940s was a reason for a jubilee celebration. Illuminating the simplicity of a watch, the Rolex Datejust had simply 3 hands. The first Rolex Datejust, the Jubilee Datejust (ref 4467), was pure yellow gold with a date window that sat, and still sits, at the 3 o’clock position. This date changes precisely at midnight, keeping the date just – hence the name.

original datejust 1945

There have been constant changes, innovations, improvements, and adaptations made to the Datejust as with anything. Now, Datejusts are available in rose gold (a personal favorite), steel, and two-tone editions. And, an important event to note, in 1955, the well-recognized cyclops was added – see a cyclops, it’s a Rolex.

The 1980s and 1990s were important eras in the history of the Datejust; the calibre 3135 – parachrom bleu spiral led to Datejust having a smaller profile, with a new case and dial design. The chronometer could be precisely adjusted by hacking second mechanism and additionally the non-scratchable sapphire crystal became standard issue on the Datejust.

rolex datejust

As fashions change with time, the Datejust case became more masculine within the recent generations, but the rest of the watch has remained unchanged with its timeless design. It held on to its Jubilee bracelet, and the bubbleback remained as a signature screwed caseback for high water resistance as it was and is housed in an Oyster case…Side story, the waterproof Oyster case is supposedly named thus when Wilsdorf (the founder of Rolex) thought of the case while prying open an oyster at a inner party as the case has a watertight seal on three fronts.

datejust II

When there became an increased demand for larger watches, Rolex released its Datejust II model with its case growing from 36 to 41mm. The turn of the century brought a flat and polished bezel to the Datejust, and as well, in 2014, Rolex released three new editions with colored dials.

You’ve probably run into datejust history articles before if you’ve taken a step into the boundless watch world, but Everest wanted to briefly remind you of the well-renowned watch as they are about to release the long anticipated Everest watch bands for Datejusts…only suitable for the watch which combines history and quality watchmaking.


The Datejust is reliable, accurate, and suitable for every adventure. Whether you’re looking to customize your Datejust or simply preserve your historically significant Jubilee bracelet, Everest has some watchband options for you…