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Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial: It’s growing on us

My neighbor has an older mid-90s Seamaster Diver 300 with the hard-to-turn scalloped bezel and, to me, unattractive overly complicated bracelet. In 2019, the same model has a much more modernized look, with a better ceramic bezel a textured dial that instantly upgrades the overall look.

Photo by Monochrome Watches.

We’ve been tempted to pick this one one (blue or black) and can even embrace the skeleton hands as this design choice helps separate it from other divers in this price range. Divers, in general, can begin to all look like derivatives of the Submariner, which even the circular indices on this model gives it a bit of the Sub vibe.

With its Co-Axial 8800 caliber movement, the newer 42mm Omega Seamaster Diver 300 makes a compelling case for itself in the just-under $5,000 range. I might put a Pelagos or Black Bay in the mix for consideration, and will admit that for the money, it’s hard to beat the titanium Pelagos with its snowflake handset matched to the rectangular markers, giving it a distinct old-school flavor.

But when you though the new Seamaster on a rubber strap, it starts to shine.

Remove the unsightly bracelet from the equation and you can really focus on the ceramic wavy dial and the case shape comes out more. The protruding helium escape valve will still bother some watch guys, but we’ll give it a pass a design element that helps distinguish the watch.

So if you are an Omega fan and already have a manual-wind Moonwatch in your collection, the new version of the Seamaster 300 could be your water watch. It’s more streamlined (at 12mm thick) than the Planet Ocean series, and it has a very high end look nowadays with the ceramic dial and bezel insert.

Photo by Omega


3 Essentials for August

To thrive in August means staying cool literally and figuratively. We love reaching for our rubber and cloth straps for summer. It’s definitely the most appropriate time for sandals, slides and tank tops. We even think we it’s more than OK to drink some “lighter” beverages to fully enjoy this time of year. Spend time refocusing on priorities and recharge for the fall.

We love adding colors with our watches and we immediate swap out our Rolex sport watches with Everest rubber straps to give not only the best option for water play, but also the best look. Rubber is amazingly comfortable when the temperature is in the 90s.

Our favorite shoe is the tried-and-true Vans slip-on. It’s still around $40-50 and can obtained in the mall as easily as through Zappos or Amazon. Wear the heck out of these. Buy multiple pairs and spare people in the office from seeing your feet.

And don’t be afraid to swap out heavy drinks for something lighter. Those guys making fun of you for drinking something more akin to a wine spritzer will see the light of keeping it smoother and lighter as it gets hot. White Claw Hard Seltzer is just 100 calories per can, so drink up.


Highlights from Baselworld 2019

So things at the MONTA/Everest heated up here in Basel, and we had Ilya Ryvin of Worn&Wound declare that the MONTA Atlas in white dial as his favorite watch of the show. And this declaration was proclaimed on Hodinkee radio! Both Grey NATO podcast hosts (James Stacey and Jason Heaton) stopped by to see us. And we crushed tacos, beers and sausages during our downtime. It’s a Basel tradition to eating a veal sausage sandwich outside of the main hall.

Our picks from the show include the Patek Phillipe Aquanaut in green as well as the esteemed brand’s 5212A Calatrava Weekly Calendar. Oris had a solid lineup of new offerings, including two sizes of a Clean Oceans Limited Edition Aquis Date.


Spring Time Watch Mode

Finally, we are hitting 50+ degree temperatures here on the East Coast. Daylight Savings is making afternoons shine. And we are reaching for lighter jackets, lighter colors and lighter attitudes. Spring is around the corner. Time for slip-on Vans and denim jackets.

Collectively, as watch guys and gals, we’re be thinking of bringing out the blue or white dials and, perhaps, switching out our straps. I don’t think it’s too early to bust out the rubber, as it’s time to think about hitting the water.

The Everest Rubber Strap on the Submariner is classic combo.

Our favorite springtime watches may also have splash of color, like the Halios Seaforth pictured above. Go for a color you might not wear on a daily basis, but one that might make non-watch people give you compliments on.

Yellow, as shown in this DOXA Poseidon 300T, us a bold choice for spring heading into summer.
Watches like the Seiko PADI edition Turtle can be a fun addition without breaking the bank.

We also love our friend’s latest offering, a collaboration with Autodromo. Your can purchase it here at their WindUp Watch Shop. The Group B Series 2 WindUp Edition features a steel and titanium 39mm case. The pops of color against the matte case, completed with a unique bracelet, makes this a superb choice to boost your spring look.

G-Shock Monta Rolex Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller

Vacation season: What watches to bring?

It’s that time of year when people start heading out of town just to get away, clear their minds and unwind. What watch or watches do you take with you?

Time only: You’re on vacation. Why do you need to know how soon it’s going to end? You might just need to know when Happy Hour starts. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of a time-only watch. Land at your destination, listen to the current time at your new location, pop out the crown and with a quick adjustment you’re on local time.

Photo by Fratello Watches

Rugged beater: Adventure awaits. You might be traversing a nearly vertical rock formation during your hike into the clouds. After the hike you descend on a rented bicycle, which takes you on a surf session in powerful 3-footers. It’s time for the super durable and affordable watch that you don’t have to worry about. This one is simple: Head to Macy’s and pick up a gaudy G-Shock.

Photo by A Blog to Watch

Transitions well: So you might be throwing on a blazer to enjoy the finest local cuisine. Some wine pairings may be involved. But before that, you’ll be lounging poolside in board shorts. Take a watch that is less on the casual side but can still take a dip. Think smaller and thinner.

Photo by Bob’s Watches

Ballin’ out: We understand. You’ve worked very hard to earn your place in the business world. Your watch is a symbol of your hard work. Rock your big gun on vacation.

Complete roster: You love your children the same. Each is different, but all have unique qualities that make you smile. You can’t pack up that RV, just make sure it’s the Everest watch roll. Switch out your watch three (or five) times a day. Make sure you also bringing matching kicks.

Cartier Tudor

Blacked out watches: Cool, too trendy or somewhere in between?

Yesterday fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld died. Hodinkee (naturally) reported on his watch, a blacked-out Audemars Piguet Royal Oak made in 1972.

Courtesy: Hodinkee

The watch was well-worn by Lagerfeld and seemed like a perfect extension of his personal style, which was sharp, bold and menacing. The photo of his watch shows what most watch collectors fear about ownership of an all-black watch, the coating has worn and the metallic colors of the bracelet and case are showing through.

After seeing this photo of Lagerfeld’s AP, I realized that a well-worn PVD/DLC’d watch looks pretty good, and the wear marks give it character and tell a story of where the watch has been.

Now would I commission a blacked out Rolex from a customizer like Bamford? While I do like the creativity that’s behind Bamford’s designs, I prefer, like many, my Rolexes natural, especially with the understated brilliance of 904L grade steel.

There are plenty of options for an all-black watch. Mine is Casio G-Shock GW-5000 with it’s DLC caseback. I get a lot out of mine and I’m not afraid to wear it during active pursuits.

The Tudor Black Bay Dark, with its red lume pip on bezel insert marker and red line of text (indicating the depth rating) on the dial, is an outstanding execution of the all-black watch. The Cartier Santos 100 ADLC (with in-house movement) is one of my favorite watches because the all-black look gives a very traditional esthetic a tasteful edge.

Photo by Monochrome Watches

The Santos’ coating is reported to be ultra-resistant to scratches, but after seeing Lagerfeld’s AP, the idea of metal showing through a blacked-out watch doesn’t bother me at all.