Buying a vintage Datejust? Here’s a look at what’s out there

When it comes to buying a vintage Rolex Datejust model, it’s a buyer’s marketplace. Datejusts are widely available and come in a wide range of styles. Datejusts are an excellent choice if you are a one-watch person or mostly wear the same watch. At 36mm and thin enough to slip under a cuff, the look straddles the line between dressy and sporty very well. It’s totally suitable to wear one with swim trunks and flip-flops, the ultimate test of how casual a watch can go. It’s a timeless classic. So let’s take a look at what’s ut there.

Photo by Analog Shift

Black dial 16030 listed on Analog Shift: This one has all the good stuff vintage Rolex lovers seek, an acrylic crystal and tritium dial markers. And it has the one convenience that makes ownership more practical. Listed at $4,750, this one would make a fantastic workday watch that is very unpretentious, yet coveted by those in the know.  (click here for the complete listing)

Photo by Bob’s Watches

Champagne dial 16o1 list on Bob’s Watches: This model has what collectors call a Pie Pan dial, where the outer edge of the dial dips downwards. This example has an acrylic crystal and is from the the late 1970s. There’s something about the brilliance of a champagne dial that adds elegance to any Datejust. Listed for $3,295, it’s a lower cost to acquire, but may require more care due to its age. (See the full listing here)

Photo by Theo & Harris

All yellow gold Datejust 1601 listed on Theo & Harris: Sometimes you have to go for the gold, the all-gold Rolex. Wearing a gold watch can seem showy but some people just wear them with enough humility to pull it off very well.  Again the champagne dial here adds to overall luxe feel of the watch. Listed for $9,555, this one will be the right watch if you ooze an aura of luxury. (See the full listing here)

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