The case for the summer beater watch

We aren’t here to debate why we should or shouldn’t wear our nicer watches to the beach, on vacation or just doing the more active leisure activities that summer entails. Yes, Rolex sport watches are designed to be worn for active pursuits and we all know how great a Submariner looks with just swim trunks, but let’s just make the case for buying a beater watch another excuse to buy a new watch in perhaps a color palette that might not be ideal for business occasions.

The Seiko “Turtle” SPR series: It’s an updated version of a the classic 6309 cushion case diver, but the new take is readily available and guaranteed fresh. We love the PADI version (pictured). It’s big and bold and meant for your next snorkeling excursion. We also love the gold-tone version.

A red G-Shock (any red G-Shock): Go to Amazon and choose a bright red G, be it solar, regular, square or circular. For less that $100, you have a bombproof, bright and bad plastic watch that will embrace being rinsed off at the beach entrance shower.

Mido Ocean Star: At Baselworld we had a great time visiting with the folks at Mido. Their Ocean Star line is an incredible value. We’re partial to the version with the orange rubber strap. It’s titanium dive watch with an ETA-clone for $1,000 with a great classic style.

Casio Marlin: The Casio MDV106-1A is actually a dive watch that you can pick up for about $60 while on a run to Target for paper towels and Clorox wipes. It’s the cheapest Sub-homage out there! Who doesn’t love a quartz dive watch that can truly be worn with absolutely not worries. Spray that sunscreen all over your wrist. Who cares if the chemicals rot the seals? There are seals in this watch, right?


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