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Do you need an Apple Watch?

I’ve been resistant to the Apple Watch. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Apple products dating back to the Apple II Plus personal computer my dad purchased for us in the 1980s. Generally bug-free, super intuitive and beautifully designed products—Apple products have always had a special place in my heart.

But as a “watch guy” could I give up wrist time with a classic mechanical watch, which I recognize has no functional advantage over anything digital. It’s a piece of jewelry and I like wearing watches for how it looks on my wrist. So to strap on what is basically a rectangle (not exactly a Cartier Tank in the refinement department though), the Apple Watch has never appealed to me. Once at a kid’s birthday party, I noticed if a parent was even wearing a watch, it was an Apple Watch. I didn’t want to be part of “The Masses.” Although I quietly admitted to myself that no one cared that I was rocking a Submariner. No one except for myself and few other nerds in the world, but I’m more than OK with that.

Another check in the negative column for me to try an Apple Watch is just simply that I suppose that I would get more notifications that I don’t really want. On my iPhone, I’ve set it so I rarely get a beep or vibration, so I suppose that I could setup my Apple Watch in a similar fashion. But there are visual cues and I just feel that I don’t need anything more contributing to anxiety.

I need to get over myself, ultimately. The big news for gadget lovers is the Series 4 version of the Apple Watch is now available. Apple’s great at evolving and creating a need for the new. The latest watch is bigger by 2mm and can handle more tasks and even gives you your podcasts directly (big deal for me!). As Hodinkee reviewer Stephen Pulvirent proclaimed, the newest Apple Watch is not going to replace his vintage Explorer, but it has a place for his exercise routine and on particular busy days. He’ll keep one charged for those times and he foresees a future where the Apple Watch will be considered an indispensable item. I’m going to believe him as I once even scoffed at the notion that we would all need cellphones.

One of my favorite bicycling columnists is a writer whose moniker is The Retro Grouch. He believes in bicycles that are simpler at a very base level. I am at risk of becoming a retro grouch when it comes to watches. My wife kindly offered to gift me an Apple Watch for the Father’s Day, but at the time of this article being written, my only wrist adornment that’s remotely tracking and recharging is a runner’s GPS and heart rate monitor watch by Polar.

Slowly but surely, my resistance to the iWatch is crumbling. After all, it can probably do everything my Polar runner’s watch can do and at least 1,000 more functions. It comes in rose gold. I can talk myself into getting one. After all, we all could use another watch, right?

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