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Vacation season: What watches to bring?

It’s that time of year when people start heading out of town just to get away, clear their minds and unwind. What watch or watches do you take with you?

Time only: You’re on vacation. Why do you need to know how soon it’s going to end? You might just need to know when Happy Hour starts. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of a time-only watch. Land at your destination, listen to the current time at your new location, pop out the crown and with a quick adjustment you’re on local time.

Photo by Fratello Watches

Rugged beater: Adventure awaits. You might be traversing a nearly vertical rock formation during your hike into the clouds. After the hike you descend on a rented bicycle, which takes you on a surf session in powerful 3-footers. It’s time for the super durable and affordable watch that you don’t have to worry about. This one is simple: Head to Macy’s and pick up a gaudy G-Shock.

Photo by A Blog to Watch

Transitions well: So you might be throwing on a blazer to enjoy the finest local cuisine. Some wine pairings may be involved. But before that, you’ll be lounging poolside in board shorts. Take a watch that is less on the casual side but can still take a dip. Think smaller and thinner.

Photo by Bob’s Watches

Ballin’ out: We understand. You’ve worked very hard to earn your place in the business world. Your watch is a symbol of your hard work. Rock your big gun on vacation.

Complete roster: You love your children the same. Each is different, but all have unique qualities that make you smile. You can’t pack up that RV, just make sure it’s the Everest watch roll. Switch out your watch three (or five) times a day. Make sure you also bringing matching kicks.


The perfect G-Shock for watch guys who don’t like G-Shocks

There are plenty of watch people we hang out with that would never be caught dead with a Casio G-Shock. The popular plastic and rubber digital watches are the antithesis of elegant mechanical watches many watch collectors tend to favor. That said, G-Shock collectors are a massive group and quite feverish in their collecting habits. Limited edition Frogman, anyone?

But let me introduce to you a G-Shock for the fancy pants watch collectors of the world. It’s the Japan-only GW-5000-1JF. First of all, it has a DLC’d screw down caseback. That’s just excessive … and incredible.

Photo from Seiya Japan

Back to the basics, it’s what G-Shock collectors call a “square,” the case shape and dimensions are direct descendants of the first-ever G-Shock, which was conceived to be able to survive a drop from several story tall building—true story.

Photo from Seiya Japan

So why do you need this watch? Because there are times that call for a watch that you really don’t need to protect or worry about it being stolen. Yes, it’s solar (really, light powered) and synchs to the atomic clock so it’s really on time all the time. But not of this is as important that it’s G-Shock that costs more than $300. Only you know that you’re still wearing a luxe piece. Only you know the rubber is softer. Only you can feel that DLC caseback against your wrist. Only you know this watch is a Japanese Domestic Model, meaning you have to buy it from a Japanese online dealer.

It’s your secret that what on your wrist looks just like the $40 DW-5600 you can buy at Walmart.

Photo from Seiya Japan