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My love affair with Goyard

Just after I graduated from college, I began to like nicer things. Things that were somewhat expensive and are thought by many to be snobby. To me, it was more of an instinctual attraction to beautiful objects. Growing up I spent time in Italy, where for the first time I witnessed so many stylish people wearing Rolex watches. It was an esthetic I aspired to.

One relatively low-key object I’ve really enjoyed ownership of is my Goyard wallet. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Goyard is one of the most exclusive luggage, trunk and small leather goods manufacturers in the world.

They have only about 25-30 store locations in the world and absolutely no online catalog or advertising whatsoever. There is a line of shoppers outside each of their very impressive locations.

Goyard stores have a certain energy that is intense. First of all, they have a security guard at each boutique that for sure ate his Wheaties that day and is packing heat. Once you get inside the store, you can feel the brand’s attitude. They know they are expensive, and they do not care. The staff is incredibly polite, super attentive and knows the product line inside and out. But, what makes them so incredible is their confidence. As you know confidence is everything.

So how did they get to be such a popular destination for those with means to purchase their latest tote, or card holder? My opinion is because of two main reasons: First, the quality and attention to detail of their Parisian made products is second to none. Second, their design and pattern (known as Goyardine) is so elegant and timeless that you instantly are mesmerized by its uniqueness.


My experience with Goyard

I have purchased items from highly regarded luxury brands such as Dunhill, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Zegna, and Salvatore Feragamo. These purchase experiences have underwhelming. If they do not have what I want, they suggest I just buy it online from them. If I worked at one of these physical stores, I would not be suggesting the cold hard truth of a website being better at sourcing the item I wanted. I would be attentive, suggestive of a solution in the store. The Goyard staff does exactly this. When they are out of an item in a color or the item is no longer in production, they find a solution. That alone makes me want to purchase from them time and time again.

Additionally, they treat me like royalty. I feel good, even if I am buying something over the phone from one of their store locations. No matter what the situation, even if I am calling to enquire, I feel like I am super important to them. Just recently I wanted to buy a coin purse for change while traveling in Europe. They did not have the one that I found on a second hand website any longer, so they found a perfect alternative. They sent me pictures. They made sure I was happy once I got it. This is a core reason why Goyard is over 100 years old and is making roots for years to come in an industry riddled with online, discount luxury goods sellers.

So what did I buy?

I will start by saying to much. I have bought so much Goyard that my wife is getting a little fed up with our credit card statements. I have decided to put myself on a 60 day cleanse and hold off until November to buy another piece.

  1. Ambassade PM bag in Black
  2. Matignon MINI wallet in Black/Tan
  3. Saint Marc Green Wallet

I really like Goyard. I love the pattern, their designs and their attentive sales force. I also like the fact that the quality is so good, I know the item I purchase will last forever if I take remotely good care of it. Also, if something does go wrong, they will fix it in the same location it was originally made.