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NATO Straps

NATO on a Rolex?

To many Rolex owners the idea of putting a nylon NATO strap is blasphemy. But here Everest, we, of course, are all about individual expression—in life. Let’s get this out of the way, Rolex bracelets are incredible, from the modern Glidelock clasp Oyster bracelets to the rattly, folded-endlink Jubilee bracelets on old Datejust models. Rolex owners love their bracelets, even if there is divide between fans of older versus newer styles, which are markedly different in feel. Rolex on a NATO? Go for it!

But even since James Bond work his Submariner on a nylon strap in “Goldfinger,” there has been a cool factor precedent set. Mens fashion designer Todd Snyder wears his GMT Master on a NATO strap. In other words, some stylish men are opting for NATOs on their Rolex sports watches. It’s a classic juxtaposition of high/low, and it works.

Many of our customers choose aftermarket straps to preserve their original bracelets and others simply prefer to feel of non-metal straps on the wrist. But no matter what side of this matter you stand on, life is short and we like to have fun by experimenting with different looks for our watches.

So, should you put a NATO on a Rolex? We say, try it out. Beware: You might like it.

We’re proud to offer our premium NATO, available here on