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Fall Boots: The watch guy’s faithful companion

For tool watch aficionados, the concept that the watch on their wrist is rooted in functionality may or may not be true rationale behind their love of watches meant to do something. Form following function oftentimes creates beautiful objects. And let’s face it, most tool watch guys are not deep diving or going space. OK, so maybe they will go on a hike. Nevertheless those highly functional watches look good and give them an aura of being adventurous.

The same can be said for rugged boots. Most dudes will seek a boot that will keep their feet warm and dry through a Nor’easter, but, again, rarely are these urban adventurers really needing something to keep them safe on a construction site or a trek up Everest. To coin a term from ’80s skateboarding culture, a lot of us are “poseurs.” But that’s more than OK. We can have our own adventures heading into our temperature controlled offices and homes.

So if you rock an Explorer II, you can track time with your team in Asia and look good in fall boots. Pair everything with some selvedge denim and you’ve completed the urban adventurer look. These of three classics to make this a reality this fall and winter. And like our esteemed watches, these boots can be “serviced,” meaning resoled and reconditioned. And, yes, they do take on a patina that’s uniquely based on where your life takes you.

Red Wing Heritage 6-inch Moc Toe: If you’re not sure where to start, this is the standard Red Wing work boot that will get you through the cold weather months. Pair them with some proper boot socks, such as Wigwams, and make sure you break them in gradually. Once they’ve conformed to your foot shape, these boots will become your go-to winter shoe choice. $289.99 at

Wolverine 1,000 Mile Cap Toe: Another classic, the cap toe version of Wolverine’s 1,000 Mile boot is just slightly dressier, so it’s a good choice for guys who may need to be booted and suited. The Horweeen leather (from the tannery in Chicago) and Vibram rubber sole is a tried-and-true combination for withstanding years of hard use. $400 at

Danner Mountain Light: If the hiking boot style suits you, Danner has created the perfect one-piece leather, waterproof hiking boot. It’s an example of where a design meant entirely for practical purposes has yielded an object of beauty. According to Danner, “Every single pair is built by hand in Portland, Oregon, with full-grain leather, Vibram Kletterlift outsoles, and waterproof GORE-TEX liners.” $300 at