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Rolex GMT

Rolex GMT

2018 Baselworld new Rolex models: steel Pepsi GMT!

The 2018 Baselworld show has been incredible so far. We did an in-depth interview with Rick Marei, the man behind the revival of Doxa. Stay tuned here for that video post. But we want to discuss the new Rolex steel Pepsi GMT-Master II.

The biggest news from Rolex was the announcement of their steel Pepsi bezel GMT-Master II 126710 with an updated movement 3285 with 70-hour power reserve. The kicker: It comes on a Super Jubilee bracelet, which some love and others don’t like. Overall, it’s an incredible offering for those who can’t afford the white gold version.

Rolex announced a steel Pepsi bezel GMT with Jubilee bracelet at 2018 Baselworld

Baselworld Rolex GMT

2018 Baselworld dreams and predictions

With just a few weeks until the Monta and Everest crew descends upon Baselworld we wanted to share our hopes for official releases from our favorite brands. Of course, Monta Watches will have its own share of news to report, but we’ll leave it in the can until the show starts. Here are our Baselworld 2018 predictions and dreams.

Steel is real

A classic steel Rolex GMT, photo: Oakleigh Luxury Watches

As Rolex enthusiasts, like may others who love the Crown, we’d love to see a Pepsi (red and blue) bezeled GMT Master II in steel. Ceramic bezels have been this era’s upgrade on classics, and the beloved Pepsi GMT should come in a choice besides white gold. Of course, we’d also like to see a blue Submariner that isn’t white gold, but we’ll be very happy if one of these wishes comes true.

But more Everose is welcome

The pink gold colored Daytona is simply incredible. If you’re going for a precious metal, Everose just has that special look that screams low-key Baller. The Everose Daytonas and Yacht Masters are great examples of why this look should be applied to more models.

What we also like to see if Tudor do fewer new takes on the Black Bay. We realize it’s a top seller, but it would be nice to see the evolving brand turn its design skills to new models. We love our Black Bays, but at this point, the variation on the same theme is being stretched a bit thin.

Value Propositions

Photo credit: Monochrome Watches

We’d love to see more accessible price points from Patek Philippe, Rolex, Omega and Breitling. A Patek sport watch under $10,000 would be a dream. Because these manufacturers are able to generate a fair amount of sales without lowering prices, we are doubtful this will happen. That said, the fact that you can get an Oyster Perpetual 39 for under $6,000 from an authorized dealer there are still great deals in this range.

Sportier Frederique?

Photo: manufacturer website

Flying somewhat under the radar has been Frederique Constant. Their Slimline Moonphase Manufacture (with in-house movement) at under $3,000 is one example of an incredible value. Most of their line is on the dressier side, and we happen to wear and love sport watches more often, so we’d like to see the brand branch out into something that fits better with our mostly casual wardrobes. Most American offices are more casual these days, so it’s a fitting shift in our eyes.




Rolex GMT

Buying a Rolex GMT Master

Whether you are just getting into Rolex sport models or already own a Submariner or Daytona, getting a steel Rolex GMT Master into collection is probably on your radar. Even if you don’t travel much on international business, the color accents—whether it’s from the Pepsi (red and blue) or Coke (red and black) bezel insert or just the red or green GMT hand—are simply eye catching.

So for many collectors the functionality of the Rolex GMT Master to track three time zones combined with its distinct esthetics add to a strong argument that it’s a must-have. The GMT Master shares the Oyster case shape and bracelet of the Submariner, so it’s easy to spot from a ar as a Rolex and upon closer looks reveals that it’s not just another Submariner, one of the most recognizable watches period.

Rolex BLNR GMT Master Everest Rubber Strap

Rolex BLNR GMT Master Everest Rubber Strap

So, which one?

If you are in the game for a new watch, Rolex currently offers a white gold GMT with a ceramic Pepsi insert as well as 904L steel models with either an all-black bezel insert or a blue and black insert (nicknamed the “Batman”or “BLNR” pictured). The current lineup features a Maxi (as in bigger all-around) case and dial and a polished center link bracelet. Our sales representative Patrick loves his Batman and it’s his go-to within his collection. Current ceramic bezel inserts sport Rolexes are incredible watches and more substantial on the wrist when compared to previous versions.

Therein lies the rub: Many Rolex fans prefer the older models for a slimmer case shape and less-shiny aluminum bezel inserts. These models harken back to a period of time where the GMT Master was born, where Pan Am pilots adopted the watch and people got dressed up to board an airplane.

Pepsi Bezel Rolex GMT Master Everest Rubber Strap

Pepsi Bezel Rolex GMT Master Everest Rubber Strap

Fortunately, if you are looking for a pre-ceramic model there’s no shortage of pre-owned GMT Masters in the marketplace. To get a sense of the current market value, you can browse top pre-owned Rolex sites such as HQ Milton or Bob’s Watches. Once you get a sense of what you should be paying, the fun/hunt begins.

What’s out there:

Pepsi Bezel Rolex GMT Master Jubilee

Pepsi Bezel Rolex GMT Master Jubilee

Can’t go wrong with a Pepsi

What’s so incredible with GMT Master is there is range of vintage options out there and even some that are adorned with a Jubilee bracelet, the very flexible, yet so comfortable bracelet more commonly associated with the classic Datejust configuration. We found a GMT Master 1675 with Pepsi insert with a Jubilee bracelet for just under $8,000. This particular watch was made in the late 1960s and has an acrylic (Plexiglass/plastic) crystal instead of a modern sapphire version. Folded end links and drilled-through lug holes complete the picture here. For those who prefer the stiffer feeling of modern Rolex bracelets, this particular vintage era is probably not your style.

Root Beer Rolex GMT Master Jubilee

Root Beer Rolex GMT Master Jubilee

Brown and gold is a wonderful warm combination

If you are looking for a Rolex GMT Master with an even more distinctive look, be on the look out for a GMT Master 16753, the Root Beer (brown and gold) bezel insert version with a brown dial with yellow gold hour markers. Paired with the aforementioned Jubilee bracelet and acrylic crystal, this particular configuration is guaranteed to be noticed by people who don’t know watches and is a conversation starter with fellow collectors.

Pepsi Bezel Rolex GMT Master

Pepsi Bezel Rolex GMT Master

We love the 90s

Of we understand why some people will want a steel Rolex GMT Master that a bit closer to the modern versions. While the older vintages models are beautiful, they tend to require a bit more care. A bit of research will yield a range of choices and GMT Masters from the 1990s will probably be the sweet spot for those who don’t have a crazy watch budget and will need a dependable daily wearer. We found a gorgeous 16710 with a Coke (black and red) insert for just under $9,000. It features an Oyster bracelet, sapphire crystal and a 3185 movement, which is employed in current model Rolexes.


Two-tone Rolex GMT Master

Two-tone Rolex GMT Master

The Golden Touch

If you are looking for a taste of gold in your Rolex GMT Master you can find two-tone models in great condition. Forget the connotation that two-tone Rolexes are for retirees in Boca. Anyone can pull off a two-tone watch with the right attitude. Rock it proudly with jeans and a T-shirt! We found a GMT Master 16713 for less that $8,000 with an Oyster bracelet with gold center links, bezel insert, hands and hour markers. This particular model also has solid endlinks and was produced in the early 2000s. The black and gold combination makes for an extremely handsome timepiece.

The bottom line

The Rolex GMT Master is one of our favorite Rolex watches that isn’t quite as common as a Submariner or Datejust. The GMT complication is also very useful and we work daily with teams in different time zones. Start Googling today and share with us your finds in the comments section.