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3 Essentials for August

To thrive in August means staying cool literally and figuratively. We love reaching for our rubber and cloth straps for summer. It’s definitely the most appropriate time for sandals, slides and tank tops. We even think we it’s more than OK to drink some “lighter” beverages to fully enjoy this time of year. Spend time refocusing on priorities and recharge for the fall.

We love adding colors with our watches and we immediate swap out our Rolex sport watches with Everest rubber straps to give not only the best option for water play, but also the best look. Rubber is amazingly comfortable when the temperature is in the 90s.

Our favorite shoe is the tried-and-true Vans slip-on. It’s still around $40-50 and can obtained in the mall as easily as through Zappos or Amazon. Wear the heck out of these. Buy multiple pairs and spare people in the office from seeing your feet.

And don’t be afraid to swap out heavy drinks for something lighter. Those guys making fun of you for drinking something more akin to a wine spritzer will see the light of keeping it smoother and lighter as it gets hot. White Claw Hard Seltzer is just 100 calories per can, so drink up.

G-Shock Monta Rolex Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller

Vacation season: What watches to bring?

It’s that time of year when people start heading out of town just to get away, clear their minds and unwind. What watch or watches do you take with you?

Time only: You’re on vacation. Why do you need to know how soon it’s going to end? You might just need to know when Happy Hour starts. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of a time-only watch. Land at your destination, listen to the current time at your new location, pop out the crown and with a quick adjustment you’re on local time.

Photo by Fratello Watches

Rugged beater: Adventure awaits. You might be traversing a nearly vertical rock formation during your hike into the clouds. After the hike you descend on a rented bicycle, which takes you on a surf session in powerful 3-footers. It’s time for the super durable and affordable watch that you don’t have to worry about. This one is simple: Head to Macy’s and pick up a gaudy G-Shock.

Photo by A Blog to Watch

Transitions well: So you might be throwing on a blazer to enjoy the finest local cuisine. Some wine pairings may be involved. But before that, you’ll be lounging poolside in board shorts. Take a watch that is less on the casual side but can still take a dip. Think smaller and thinner.

Photo by Bob’s Watches

Ballin’ out: We understand. You’ve worked very hard to earn your place in the business world. Your watch is a symbol of your hard work. Rock your big gun on vacation.

Complete roster: You love your children the same. Each is different, but all have unique qualities that make you smile. You can’t pack up that RV, just make sure it’s the Everest watch roll. Switch out your watch three (or five) times a day. Make sure you also bringing matching kicks.


The Oyster Perpetual 39: Entry-level Rolex is a simple pleasure

Photo by Monochrome Watches

During last year’s Baselworld show Rolex unveiled black and white dialed versions of their Oyster Perpetual model. This 39mm version of this time-only Oyster-cased watch (retailing for $5,700) had previously come in three colors, grape (purple), rhodium (silver) and blue. The issue with many people with those three colors was there were small contrasting color accents at the hour markers. Although discreet, for example, the green accents against the blue dial might not withstand the test of time of daily ownership.

Fortunately, the white and black dial versions do not have contrasting colors and the result is a conservative and elegant watch at a more modern size for most men. 39mm sport watch cases are very versatile for a range of settings and outfits. There’s no issues with wearing this watch to a wedding or on weekend bagel run in sweatpants.

Photo by Monochrome Watches

All day, every day

Spending time with the OP39 white dial has been a subtle revelation. I could make this my one watch if pressed into that situation. I would absolutely feel comfortable just wearing board shorts and this watch on a beach vacation. I don’t worry about just living life to this fullest with this watch on. Modern Rolex bracelets are very comfortable and secure. The 3132 movement is very accurate and durable. A bonus (to me) is the lack of cyclops date window magnifier and all-brushed bracelet make this piece more subtle. The 904L steel has its own graceful elegance that highly appeals to me.

On the flip side, if you had to attend a funeral or board meeting, this watch is not too flashy for more somber occasions, which is very important in life. Nothing wrong with a watch that calls for attention, but don’t underestimate the importance of being discreet.

The white or black dial version of the 39mm Oyster Perpetual is generally available now at most authorized dealers (at the time of publication). You might have to wait a short time for them to get it delivered to the store, but this model is not hard to obtain like many of the in-demand steel sport models that Rolex makes.

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Vintage Rolex Sports Lines – Submariner & GMT

Rolex has a long established history of creating a timepiece that lasts. By the 1950s, Rolex had begun to establish a reputation of developing tool watches to function beyond time telling. Intended to conquer the lowest of depths in exploration and highest of heights, the timepieces had to contain groundbreaking inventions to aid explorers in breaking new ground. Two timepieces in particular were released between the 1950s and 1980s that are still revered and  highly sought after by the vintage watch collector community today.

Vintage Submariner 5512/5513/1680 & Tudor Submariner ref. 7928

As diving equipment technology progressed and became more affordable, diving as an activity was taken up by more and more individuals. Rolex answered the need for a reliable, waterproof dive watch with the Submariner. The rotating bezel offered divers the ability to read immersion time. The Submariner 5512 was in production from 1959 to 1978. The biggest change to this Submariner versus the previous models: 5510 & 6538 was the inclusion of crown guards.

Images by @rolexdiver

The square crown guards made it exceptionally difficult to use the crown with diving gloves on, so they were redesigned and replaced with pointed crown guards. The remaining 5512 cases were sent to Tudor to become the Tudor Submariner ref. 7928. The early 5512 models were not chronometer certified. But, newer versions were released with a chronometer certified caliber 1560. The ref. 5513 was also not chronometer certified and favored by the general public because it was a less expensive option than its nearly identical predecessor 5512.

The Rolex Red Submariner Ref 1680 was produced beginning in 1969. The nickname stemmed from the red writing “Submariner” on the dial which was later changed to white beginning in 1973. Of course, this has lead to the models with the red writing to be highly sought after by the watch collecting community. Another major difference between the 1680 and its predecessors the 5512 and 5513 is the addition of a date window at the 3 o’clock position with the cyclops lens.

Vintage GMT 1675/16750

As Intercontinental travel developed, pilots began crossing multiple time zones more and more, and the need for a timepiece to tell more than one time at a time arose. The 1675 GMT Master was produced between 1959 and 1980. This was the first watch that was available with both an Oyster and Jubilee bracelet.

Image by @rolexdiver

On many models, the dial markers have since turned a creamy color, and the “Pepsi” bezels have faded over the years, turning the colors to lighter shades of blue and red (almost pink). Interestingly, this makes the models more sought after by vintage watch collectors. The 16750 was released in 1980 with a new movement. The model offers the more modern quickset date function. Only in production until 1988, it is a highly sought after model. The 16750 offers the perfect combination of both modern features but a vintage vibe.

Leather straps are now available for both the Submariner 5512, 5513 and 1680 and the GMT 1675 and 16750. With a curved end, the strap is a custom fit to the case, giving your Rolex even more of a phenomenal look with a beautifully crafted, Swiss-Made watch band.

Hodinkee Rolex Seiko

Hodinkee’s 10th anniversary and how I got into watches

“It’s excessive in some way, but there is a certain excessiveness to ambition as well,” says John Mayer at the conclusion of the very first episode of Hodinkee’s “Talking Watches” video series. Hodinkee has become the benchmark for watch content and the website is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. I re-watched the John Mayer episode this morning, as it was a staff choice favorite Hodinkee story. I’m really glad I spent time to re-watch it.

In the video the singer and guitarist takes the viewer through his own journey of discovering his love of watches. It started with an Explorer II he explains. Although Mayer can afford pretty much whatever watch he wants, he tells everyone watch collecting is not as materialistic as an outsider may perceive it to be. It’s about the details and being obsessive about those details and building memories with certain watches.

For me I started getting into watches because I was into men’s fashion. My mom has a great design eye and I inherited her sense of personal style. I read on GQ (if I recall correctly) about a company called DaLuca Straps that made Horween leather straps and somehow as I went down the Google rabbit hole I saw one of these straps (a green one) paired with a Timex Weekender watch. The idea of customization is what got me digging deeper into watches.

Then I discovered you could modify the watches themselves and that the Honda Civic of watches was the Seiko SKX007, a $200 automatic with lots of aftermarket products available. So I didn’t know how to modify a watch, so again, back to Google and I discovered the online community and discovered a guy in Hong Kong named Harold Ng (aka Yobokies), who sold modified Seikos. I promptly ordered my own Seiko Monster pimped out with an orange sword hand a Bell&Ross-style aviator dial. It’s probably still the most complimented watch I have ever owned.

Long story short, this led my into Seiko dive watches. I had a Marinemaster 300, several Tunas, and several others. But throughout this time I was always struck by the classic Rolex design language when people posted photos of the WRUW (What Are Your Wearing) threads on’s forums. By the way, I spent way too much time on WatchUSeek but learned a lot about watches and people’s obsessiveness about the minutiae.

I finally saved up for my first Rolex. I had sold my entire collection to fund the purchase. I owned a first-generation Tudor Pelagos (which I loved) but the Rolex bug has gotten me bad. I picked up a ceramic no-date Submariner for my hometown dealer Govberg and fell in love. I felt different inhabiting my own space. I only ever got one compliment on my Submariner but wearing one made me feel like a million bucks, and I learned quickly that’s what it’s all about.

Since then I’ve added a Panerai 112 and replaced the ceramic sub for a 14060M and in the careful, calculated process of trying to fill out two other slots in the collection. I do still wear and cherish my Casio G-Shock GW-5000 1JF, but I’m trying now to build my own stories with watches that I am passionate about.

I get what Mayer is saying. We have one life and some of us get excessive about objects. That’s more than fine. Excessiveness is quite often tied to ambition.


Shortage of steel Rolex sport watches? The secondhand market may be your best bet

It’s source of frustration for many Rolex enthusiasts that you can’t walk into an authorized dealer and simply purchase a steel Submariner, GMT, Sea-Dweller and, of course, Daytona. Nothing is going to change anytime soon. Rolex controls its supply and this scarcity of new steel sports watches is creating stronger demand. We all want what we can’t have.

However, the you can get certain steel sport Rolex watches on the second-hand market. Oftentimes, the prices are above standard retail, but that is what the marketplace is dictating. We browsed the online pre-owned listings of Govberg Jewelers (based in Philadelphia) and discovered that you could get your hands on Hulk (green ceramic Submariner) or Daytona if you are willing to pony up for the asking price. The advantage of buying from an authorized dealer, such as Govberg or Tourneau, is a guarantee of authenticity and the fact that their in-house watchmakers have inspected and insured these used pieces are running well.

While there are quite a few reputable dealers selling used Rolex sport models, we’re highlight three from the same dealer to provide a comparison of the pricing differences between different used steel sport Rolex watches.

Three examples

We love the Hulk and Govberg has one listed for $12,950, and itretails for $9,050. That’s around a $4K difference. The value of any object is dictated simply by how much someone is willing to pay for it. And if you want a green ceramic Submariner, this one is available.

Photo by Govberg

In contrast Govberg also has a black ceramic GMT Master-II listed for $9,450, which is closer to the retail price. Of course it’s not a new watch, but if you are after this particular model, the price to obtain one is lower because it’s not as hard to get as other steel sport models. This is a solid find as the black color scheme will go well with everything you wear and the green GMT hand offers just enough of a pop of color.

Photo by Govberg

And, finally, we have the black ceramic Daytona, which retails for $12,400. Govberg has their pre-owned one listed at $19,450. Anyone reading this understands that this markup is at the same time absurd and yet not absurd at all given the demand for this model. Rolex ADs say if you get on the waiting list for this model (or its while dial version) is five years. Five years? And even that’s not guaranteed. So if you want to rock the latest incarnation of the Daytona, you better get ready to pay.

Photo by Govberg