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Spring Time Watch Mode

Finally, we are hitting 50+ degree temperatures here on the East Coast. Daylight Savings is making afternoons shine. And we are reaching for lighter jackets, lighter colors and lighter attitudes. Spring is around the corner. Time for slip-on Vans and denim jackets.

Collectively, as watch guys and gals, we’re be thinking of bringing out the blue or white dials and, perhaps, switching out our straps. I don’t think it’s too early to bust out the rubber, as it’s time to think about hitting the water.

The Everest Rubber Strap on the Submariner is classic combo.

Our favorite springtime watches may also have splash of color, like the Halios Seaforth pictured above. Go for a color you might not wear on a daily basis, but one that might make non-watch people give you compliments on.

Yellow, as shown in this DOXA Poseidon 300T, us a bold choice for spring heading into summer.
Watches like the Seiko PADI edition Turtle can be a fun addition without breaking the bank.

We also love our friend’s latest offering, a collaboration with Autodromo. Your can purchase it here at their WindUp Watch Shop. The Group B Series 2 WindUp Edition features a steel and titanium 39mm case. The pops of color against the matte case, completed with a unique bracelet, makes this a superb choice to boost your spring look.

Monta Style

Traveling essentials: A GMT watch and comfortable pants

Written by Michael DiMartini, founder of Everest Horology and Monta Watches


A few months ago, my best pal and business partner Justin and I took a flight to out East for a tradeshow. Our flight was about four and a half hours, so we had some time to kill while in the freindly skies. I noticed that he, as always, was dressed like he was coming out of the pages of the latest issue of Gentleman’s Quarterly—but still seemed quite comfortable.

I on the other hand looked like my usual disheveled traveling dad. I was wearing a pair of sweatpants/joggers, a T-shirt and some New Balance dad sneakers. I was not cool looking. I did however have on our Monta Skyquest, our GMT watch that can track up to three time zones.

He however mentioned that he was wearing his “travel pants” which looked like a cool pair of unwrinkled, jean-cut chino style fabric pants. I laughed it off for a mintue and then was intrigued why he called them his travel pants?

“These are from Banana. They are their Travel Pants, which are incredibly comfortable, since the material stretches a bit and the cut is perfect for siting on long flights,” he replied.

I chose the tan pair first as a safe bet.

After our travels out West, I had a business trip to Europe coming up this past July and June. It was a 45-day trip where my entire family would be coming and we would be domociled in Switzerland for the majority of it. I wanted to be that sheek, bad-ass Euro dude who looked like my business partner. So, naturally, I headed to Banana Republic in a quest to get myself some to those Travel Pants Justin had mentioned.

Not only did the store in the mall have my size in stock. they had multiple color options for me too. I grabbed a few pairs in my size and headed to the changing room. I first thought that one pair mght be enough, so I chose the safe Tan color. I actually thought they were so comfy, I bought them and wore them out ot the store.

While exiting the store, I thought about heading to the food court to crush some Panda Express, not even 20 feet from the door I turned around and decided to be smart. I went back into the store and bought four more pairs in other colors.

As a parent, young kids wreck your stuff. They spill applesauce on you and like to wipe their hands clean on your clothes. With that in mind, I figured these pants would get destroyed over the next 45 days (since I would be packing these as my sole day-to-day pants for work). This is where I was surprised on my trip, they are very stain-resistant and stood up well after multiple washings.

The best part: I have acutally turned a new leaf when it comes to looking a little more debonair at work.