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Chore jackets? Functionality and fashion

We have been covering more style issues here because after all watches are accessories. Oras many watch guys think of it as the other way around: clothing are the accessories for watches. How many of decide on what watch we’re wearing first?

The chore coat is one of our favorite pieces. It has its roots in work wear, which as a fashion off shoot created legions of men who try to look rugged but probably have never put in an honest day of manual labor in their entire life. These flannel shirt and Red Wing boot-wearing urbanites have embraced the chore coat, which is a great item alone on the fact that they have many useful pockets.

According the style blog The Idle Man, a chore jacket originated in the late 1800s, and “used to be a French worker jacket. Worn as a workman jacket as the French labourer attire, this workwear canvas jacket usually came in blue and symbolised everyone, which has carried on to be the icon of the French workforce today.” Sounds good to us. But really the chore coat is just incredibly practical and can be worn over a T-shirt or underneath a heavier coat as temperatures drop.

Wear it with your favorite leather strap equipped tool watch and you’re ready to tackle your day.

You can’t bring up workwear and not bring up Carhartt, a pioneer in work apparel. Their Michigan Chore Coat is water-repellent and handsome. We dig the navy version in “Dearborn” canvas.

Everlane makes great basics and simple versions of staples. Their take on the chore jacket is affordable and elegant. Grab a few T-shirts while on their site and you’ve got your casual weekend looked nailed down.

Best Made Co. is an excellent destination for manly items like axes and toolboxes. So naturally a Panama Cloth Chore Jacket is right up their alley. Theirs is made with Japanese cotton and has plenty of useful pockets.

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