The entry level Rolex

When it comes to Rolex the cost of entry is right around $5,000. You can play around in the used market or head straight to your local authorized dealer and choose on the many beautiful Oyster Perpetual models, which are great choices at any price point. Beware of any “deals” that fall too far below that range.

Yes, we are here to enable you. Getting a Rolex in your life has nothing to do with necessity, it’s an acceptable purchase if you love watches. It’s all about the passion and cost per wear. If wearing a Rolex makes you feel great every single day of your life then that’s a major value. We are not talking about pure materialism here. We are talking about the joy of surrounding yourself with beauty, whether that’s your home, clothes, car, neighborhood or the next meal you eat.

The blue dial 3-6-9 dial Oyster Perpetual in 36mm is a solid choice for a first Rolex.

When it comes to watch purchases always use your gut. What are you drawn to naturally? Don’t overthink the technical/on-paper attributes of a watch. How does it make you feel? Does it suit your personality/personal style?

One of our friends, style blogger Brock McGoff, recently made a video about how he found his perfect vintage Datejust and why he chose his 16030. Check out the video here:

The other popular route is to explore the world of pre-owned Datejusts, with good examples (from reputable dealers) coming in around the $5-6K mark.

If you are after a sport model, pre-owned five-digit Submariner or Sea-Dweller references are worth exploring. As always, adhere to the mantra “buy the seller,” namely someone with a solid reputation that has been in the business for a decent amount of time. A good seller will take the time to find the right watch for you and understands what you desire.

Rolex Sea Dweller 16600

The founder of our company Michael DiMartini has been a Rolex fan ever since he was young boy and he witnessed many stylish people in Italy wearing Rolex watches. The brand is powerful. It’s the most well-known “fancy watch” in the world to people who don’t know that much about watches. Rolexes also have an unmistakable level of quality and their movements are built to withstand vigorous use.

Thanks to the boom of used watches being sold online, now is a great time to get your first Rolex. You can comparison shop among top sites and communicate your questions about a piece easily. Be patient. Find your vision of the perfect watch and don’t follow the popular opinions of others. What’s on your wrist should speak to you and you only.

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