Everest Band Review: Swiss Curved Leather Straps Custom Made for Rolex watches

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French wine and champagne, Cuban cigars, Belgium chocolate, Italian sports cars…only true watch bands are manufactured in Switzerland.

Everest has chosen Italian calf leather as the base for their French styled product. President of Everest, David Barnes notes “we have chosen only the highest quality leather to use for our designs.” In order to understand how high quality our leather straps are, you’re going to have be a little educated on leather production. When we say we use vegetable tanning with our leather, vegetable tanning shows off leather in its most natural state. Vegetable tanning requires skilled craftsman to produce and dye the leather; it’s an age-old, valued tradition in wooden barrels to retain the natural beauty of the leather. It is also the most environmentally safe way to tan leather but of course, the most expensive. The best is material is always the hardest to attain, work with and is the most desired.

Curved end leather watchbands Rolex

Additionally, not only is the leather material that we use the best in the world but so is the construction of the leather watch bands themselves. This project originally started more than a year before its release when we met our Swiss manufacturer that specializes in creating the highest level watch straps for only the premier Swiss watch brands. We first developed a perfect case connection by utilizing a super strong, permanent ABS plastic insert technology. This “insert” is precisely wrapped in the leather material to ensure it is securely attached and flawlessly connected to the watch case itself. Take Swiss engineering, the world’s best leather and commitment to perfection, and you have our curved end leather strap series for our discerning Rolex clientele.

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Want to know what customers really think about the Curved End Leather Straps with Tang Buckle for Rolex watches? Customers from all over the world are letting Everest know their true thoughts and opinions about this quality Swiss made watch strap.


“Top quality product. Well done, Everest.” – France


“Everything from the quality of materials used, to the design elements, as well as fit and finish, is absolutely first rate.” – Florida


“Well-built and customer-focused.” – Italy


“Excellent product, great service, fair price. Totally delighted.” – Great Britain

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Nothing is better than pulling out a new leather watch strap and smelling that musky, wonderful leather smell. It pairs so naturally with that sweet smelling cigar and strong finger of single-malt scotch.


Another unique characteristic to these beautiful straps are that there are eight tongue holes or eight different sizes for the strap to fit any wrist size! Our hottest color right now, black! Keeping it simple for those black tie parties.


Still debating whether this Everest leather strap will dress up your Rolex for the holidays, check out more customer reviews at https://www.everestbands.com/pages/customer-reviews.

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