Spring Time Watch Mode

Finally, we are hitting 50+ degree temperatures here on the East Coast. Daylight Savings is making afternoons shine. And we are reaching for lighter jackets, lighter colors and lighter attitudes. Spring is around the corner. Time for slip-on Vans and denim jackets.

Collectively, as watch guys and gals, we’re be thinking of bringing out the blue or white dials and, perhaps, switching out our straps. I don’t think it’s too early to bust out the rubber, as it’s time to think about hitting the water.

The Everest Rubber Strap on the Submariner is classic combo.

Our favorite springtime watches may also have splash of color, like the Halios Seaforth pictured above. Go for a color you might not wear on a daily basis, but one that might make non-watch people give you compliments on.

Yellow, as shown in this DOXA Poseidon 300T, us a bold choice for spring heading into summer.
Watches like the Seiko PADI edition Turtle can be a fun addition without breaking the bank.

We also love our friend’s latest offering, a collaboration with Autodromo. Your can purchase it here at their WindUp Watch Shop. The Group B Series 2 WindUp Edition features a steel and titanium 39mm case. The pops of color against the matte case, completed with a unique bracelet, makes this a superb choice to boost your spring look.

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