That New Rubber Strap From Rolex

As you might guess, Rolex got our attention here at Everest Bands when they released their Everose gold Yacht-Master with a new rubber strap last year at Baselworld.

But you know, appearances can be deceiving. Is the strap really rubber? And is it really a strap?

Well, here’s what Rolex has to say: “The Yacht-Master’s new Oysterflex bracelet … attaches to the watch case and the Oysterlock safety clasp by a flexible titanium and nickel alloy metal blade. The blade is overmoulded with high-performance black elastomer…”

So even Rolex isn’t calling it a strap. It’s a bracelet. Made with a curved blade of titanium-nickel alloy. And covered with rubber (“elastomer” is high-falutin’ engineer talk for rubber).

Yacht-Master Everose 116655 Oysterflex rubber 4

The Oysterflex bracelet is somewhat pre-formed to an oval, and it has features on the inside that help it hug the wrist and prevent slippage and rotation.

So there you have it.

Is the strap really rubber? Well, sort of. Rubber, and a whole lot more.

And is it really a strap? Well no, not really – unless you’re willing to suspend disbelief.

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