The Original Miami Beach Antique Show

So why am I writing about an antique show on a watch blog? Even if it is said to be the largest indoor antique show in the world? I mean, antiques are cool and all – vintage furniture and nick-nacks, a flea market atmosphere with people haggling over a few dollars and whether that scratch affects the value and all.

Ahhh… but the Miami Antique show is different. Along with furniture, trinkets, nick-nacks, and amidst all the haggling over price and scratches, there be watches!

Vintage watches. New watches. Watches of all sorts. Everybody who’s anybody in the vintage watch world is here – either exhibiting or walking the show floor.

And that’s what I’ll be doing for the next couple of days. Stay tuned for words and live pictures of whatever I might find and whomever I might run into.



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