The Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Watches

Ralph Lauren is a American style master. He’s what other fashion designers hope aspire to as far a commercial and design success. His watch offerings aren’t too shabby either for a category that many watch enthusiasts shun, the fashion watch. RL partnered with Richemont in 2008 to bring forth a line of watches that are well-respected by even the most haughty horological snobs. As for Mr. Lauren himself, he’s a fan of Panerai and Cartier, as documented in his 2015 interview with Hodinkee.

But the reason we are talking about Ralph Lauren watches is because for his company’s 50th anniversary, they are releasing a line of watches featuring their Polo Bear character, which has adorned the brand’s wool sweaters and other pieces for decades.

Ralph Lauren

The new line will retail for $2,000, with 42mm case, hand-painted dial and Swiss automatic movement. In terms of watch collecting, how many of would spend this much for a silly watch? It’s such a ridiculous offering, but it works in its audacity. Check out the strap variations. Put us down for the Preppy Bear version!

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