The Rolex Oyster Perpetual in White Dial: One of our surprise favorites of Baselworld 2018

Photo credit: Dante Barger for Bezel&Barrel

One of the subtler moves Rolex announced at Baselworld 2018 was the introduction of both a black dial and white dial Oyster Perpetual model in both 39mm and 36mm case sizes. The entry-level model is a favorite of ours and to have it now available not in a brightly colored dial is a option we’ve longed for. Previously available in Grape, Blue and Rhodium dials, the conservative white version struck us an excellent alternative to the black-dialed sport Rolexes that are our tried-and-true go to everyday wearers. White dials deliver instant class and, of course, can be paired with a variety of outfits.

Photo credit: Dante Barger for Bezel&Barrel

While many of us area watch collectors or hobbyists who rotate our wrist wear on a regular basis, the Oyster Perpetual white dial version is a smart choice for someone who simply wants to wear one watch for every occasion, everyday. Depending on your wrist size and personal preferences, the 36mm or 39mm would serve well as all purpose watch. With a 100m water-resistance rating and chronometer certified movement, the OP promises to be a very dependable time telling companion.


  • Ray says:

    The double batons are the single most frustrating design decision that I have ever encountered. Rolex finely releases a timeless, reserved, non-blingy design, but then only releases that version in the bloated “modern” size with long lugs that overhang on even average wrists, and releases a much lesser version of that watch in the timeless, reserved size.

    Disclaimer: Bought the 36mm black dial as my first luxury watch for my upcoming wedding hoping I could get over the double batons but will have to sell because I know what I really want is the 39mm in 36mm. Whole experience turned me off Rolex/watches in general.

    • Li Wang says:

      Hi Ray, obviously if the double batons at 3, 6, 9 on the 36mm version bother you, it’s probably worth your while to choose another model. Try out the 39mm version as it wears pretty well on a range of wrist sizes.

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