Vintage Submariner owners: We have leather straps for you

Sometimes it’s just easier to add a fresh leather strap onto a vintage Rolex piece. Sure, there is Michael Young in Hong Kong, a well-respected bracelet refurbisher, but we think adding a high quality new leather strap is a smart way to go. Of course we are biased, but we honesty stand behind the quality of our leather straps and are now offering them for vintage Submariners and Submariners with date complications.

Before you scream “No leather on divers,” hear us out. Your 5513 probably isn’t guaranteed for its original water resistance rating so the issue of dunking your leather strap in a swimming pool is probably non-existent. Besides, Tudor offers leather OEM leather straps for its Black Bay lineup, so even the original makers of your divers are OK with the look and even encourage it. Everest straps are designed to look and feel like they were originally intended for your Rolex. We know they will feel great on the wrist.

The more rustic texture of leather also complements acrylic crystals and the painted dial markers, which often have developed a warm patina by now.

So for 5512, 5513 and 1680 (date) models, we are offering five different styles of leather straps with either a gold or silver tang buckle. Brown or black alligator looks really sharp with a fine point cotton dress shirt and blazer. And the tan leather works really well in contrast to the darker colors we tend to wear in the fall and winter.

Our straps are made from Italian vegetable tanned leather, which has a really nice feel and proven durability. Like most fine leathers, Everest straps get better with age and use.

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