What watch will you be wearing on Thanksgiving weekend?

So you’ll be seeing the family, lounging around, eating and possibly arguing with a stubborn uncle. So, of course, you need to wear the right watch. One that shows off your taste (in spite of that dopey Fair Isle patterned sweater) and one that doesn’t look too showy. After all, some people will be judging you. You want something on your wrist that is understated and elegant. If you’re meeting the future in-laws, wear a timepiece that says “I care about myself, but I’ll always put your daughter first.”

So of course we’re going to recommend a Monta Triumph is classic black dial or silver. The reason is because it fits the criteria we’ve set: It’s classy and not showy yet shows refinement in the details. It’s a nice watch that doesn’t look like your are trying to make a statement. The 38mm case size blends in and the details pop upon closer inspection.

Of course we can’t just cover watches we make. We love the smart, yet whimsical design vocabulary of the entire NOMOS Glashütte line. For Thanksgiving weekend, we’d strap on one of their ne0-classics, the Tangente 38. This is a handwinder with a very subtle look that makes you look like an academic or maybe an architecture student. The blue hands offer just enough color.

If you are young-at-heart, pick up one the new Toddy Snyder Timex X Peanuts Collection watches for less than two bills. Who doesn’t need Charlie Brown, Linus or Snoopy on his wrist?

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